Maximize on-list respondent recruiting for your next healthcare study

The HUB is SHC’s proprietary sampling solution that allows multiple sample providers to recruit at one time, in one centralized fielding effort spearheading by SHC, without compromising data quality. The HUB facilitates all the logistics and simplifies the entire sample process; you will have one point of contact instead of having to manage and divide sample between multiple panel companies yourself. We control the survey entry point, which enables us to onboard additional partners into the Hub for maximum reach into the healthcare respondent universe. Additionally, our system eliminates duplication by verifying in real time if a respondent has already completed a survey from any of the participating sample providers. This ensures a faster and more secure process to fulfill your required completes.

The HUB Benefits:

  • Increases feasibility by 30%
  • Completes challenging and complex quotas in shorter fielding timelines
  • Provides complete control of the survey entry point (e.g. url pass-in parameters, pre-screeners, sample deactivation are precisely regulated)
  • Allows all partners access to the entire recruiting list (simultaneous and synchronized fielding)
  • Data stored in a secure off-site location