List Mirror is a proprietary tool that is used to overcome common list matching difficulties that would
otherwise hinder a successful match. When given limited respondent information, this tool uses unique
algorithms to run through all of the different possible scenarios by searching through available
databases (NPI, ME, and AMA), as well as our proprietary global panel, to produce an optimized match.

Utilizing List Mirror increases study security by detecting expired / revoked medical licenses, and
excluding internally-blacklisted SHC responders, who we have deemed as untrustworthy or below

List Mirror can also append data points from public record sources, including phone number, fax
number, and addresses, which will increase HCP list match results and provide helpful data for the
fielding process.

List Mirror Benefits

  • Allows upwards of 70-80% match rates on client lists
  • Determines an estimated response rate based on an analysis of historic data
  • Provides accurate and guaranteed feasibility estimates
  • Advises clients on suggested record removals from their list
  • Quick and efficient list match processing
  • Ability to append additional data points