Limited information no longer means low match rates

SHC’s List Mirror is a proprietary tool that is used to overcome common list matching difficulties, including slightly differently spelled names, same names from adjoining cities, etc. When given limited information, our tool uses unique algorithms to run through all of the different possible scenarios by searching through NPI, ME, and AMA databases, as well as our proprietary global panel, to produce an optimized match. Utilizing List Mirror also increases study security by detecting expired licenses and disparaged HCPs who would not be considered trusted responders. List Mirror can also append data points, including phone number, fax number, addresses, etc. to your records, increasing HCP list match results and providing helpful data for the fielding process.

SHC Mirror Benefits:

  • The combination of SHC Mirror and The Hub allow for 90% match rates on client lists utilizing 40+ criteria
  • Allows delivery of up to 30% more completes
  • NPI status flag security checks allow clients to be advised if a record should be removed from their list
  • Quick and timely list match processing
  • List append services available (e.g. phone/fax, address, etc.)