I recently attended an interesting meeting, where the agenda was set up to mimic Shark Tank , a network television show. On one side of the stage were investment companies, hospital CTOs and Payers (the Sharks). On the other side of the stage were executives from Hi-Tech healthcare innovators, demonstrating their latest apps/software developed to elevate the information flow and data storage between patients, doctors, insurance companies, hospitals, etc.

Just as in the television show, the innovators pitched the revenue and profit potential of their product while the Sharks asked questions, provided critiques, gave advice and offered investment dollars to the most exciting company.
Many of the innovators had products that were not yet on the market. None have been in the marketplace very long. Many will be in our future.
Below is a summary of three of the applications as illustration of the types of applications presented at the meeting.
1) EASE Applications, LLC (easeapplications.com) Ever have a loved one go into an operation? You can sit there for hours with little information about what is happening. Even for the simplest of operations, the anxiety of waiting is high. EASE is a downloadable app which allows family members to receive updates/pictures directly from a circulating nurse in the operating room. Initial studies show extremely high satisfaction levels for family members, increased satisfaction scores for the hospital and doctors/nurses feeling like they are helping reduce the anxiety of family members.
2) Meerkat Health (meetmeerkat.com) Meerkat makes a device designed for people with Congestive Heart Failure. It looks like a bathmat and sits in front of your bathroom sink. When you step on the device, it gathers your weight information and sends the information to your phone. The application contains logic that determines if changes in your weight are dangerous with regard to Congestive Heart Failure. If you have entered a danger zone, it will send a message to you (the patient), your doctor and/or caregiver indicating that action is needed.
3) Care Angel, Inc. (careangel.com) Care Angel is an app designed for the elderly. Once a day, an automated call is made to the elderly patient. A recorded happy hello from a loved one is followed by a series of automated questions about how the person slept, did he/she take his/her medications, what was his/her blood pressure, etc. If the app logic uncovers an issue, then an email notification is sent to a family member, caregiver and doctor. In addition, some of the data is tracked so that it can be reviewed at a future physician visit.
The above are just a few examples of the innovative tools that were presented. Below is the website information for additional products presented at the meeting, so that you can review each in more detail.

  • Prescription Control Solutions(prxcontrolsolutions.com) Aggregates prescription data on controlled substances to determine if there is abusive use of medications by patients across many doctors
  • Mobidex (mobidox.co) Combines electronic medical record data for ease of access for patients
  • Healogue (healogue.com) Provides virtual connections between patients and healthcare professionals
  • Savonix (savonix.com) Gaming software that does a cognitive assessment of a patient at a low cost and in their home. The information can then be sent to a healthcare provider if issues are uncovered
  • Zest Health (zesthealth.com) App to obtain concierge medicine, schedule appointments and coordinate health benefit information
  • nGageHealth (ngagehealth.com) Integrating patient data from EHR, wearable devices and healthcare apps

SHC Universal believes that the next five years will bring a dramatic change in the type and amount of data available for the Healthcare marketing research industry. Many of the above applications will collect data from patients that besides providing patient benefits can also be used for marketing research. SHC Universal is committed to providing innovative techniques in data collection and to continue to re-invent ourselves every 2-3 years, so that we can utilize all future data collection innovations in a timely and cost effective manner.
If you want to learn more about the innovative tools that were presented please contact me at jerry.arbittier@SHCUniversal.com