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SurveyHealthcare offers unprecedented access to 2 million healthcare professionals and providers worldwide, including 200,000 healthcare professionals and providers in Europe and 500,000 sufferers/caregivers. Our seasoned project management experts become an extension of your own in-house team, partnering with you to streamline and optimize data collection at every stage of your project including survey design, recruitment, programming, fielding, and output. We employ rigorous quality control processes at every stage of the project, starting with programming the survey and finishing with a full assessment of the data set, ensuring the highest-quality results are delivered on time and on budget.


Statistically robust results to support
healthcare expert analysis

SurveyHealthcare’s Quantitative Research services marry sophisticated survey techniques with our industry leading panel to fulfill your healthcare data collection needs. Our quantitative surveys are designed to engage respondents and retain their attention throughout the duration of the survey, thereby reducing survey fatigue. Our commitment to Perfect Data is unwavering – we ensure the quality of your completes by implementing speed traps and attention/focus checks to prevent speeders, flat-liners, and other disengaged survey respondents. Upon survey completion, we aggregate the answers, and deliver Perfect Data to meet, and exceed, your quantitative healthcare data collection needs.




  • Self-administered Online Surveys
  • Mobile App Administered Surveys
  • Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI)



    • Discrete Choice Modeling (DCM) including maximum difference scaling (MaxDiff)
    • Adaptive Conjoint Analysis
    • Probability/Random Sampling
    • Trade-Off Exercises
    • Visual Interactive Design


A more flexible, in-depth exploration of
healthcare professional perspectives

Our clients utilize our Qualitative Research services when they seek to understand the drivers behind the perspectives and behavior of physicians, industry experts, patients, and caregivers. Led by a moderator, SHC facilitates live interviews that provide a platform for healthcare stakeholders to provide deep insights and share the rationale behind their perspectives. Often used in conjunction with our quantitative services, SurveyHealthcare’s qualitative offering provides the opportunity to better understand emerging trends, behaviors, and attitudes among your target healthcare audience than quantitative work alone might provide.


Qualitative Services:


  • Pre-Testing
  • Medical Consults
  • Telephone-In-Depth Interviews (TDI’s)
  • Webcam-In-Depth Interviews (VDI’s/WDI’s)
  • Bulletin Board Recruitment
  • Global Conference Recruitment
  • In-Person/ Facility Recruitment (IDI’s)
  • Online Focus Group/ Dyad/ Triad Recruitment
  • Advisory Board Recruitment
  • Custom Recruit to Mobile App
  • Custom Recruit to Interactive-Voice-Response (IVR)
  • International Project Management & Project Services Coordination
Project Add-Ons
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SHC Express Fielding:

SHC Express Fielding delivers the same gold-standard quality, accuracy, and service that clients expect, but in half the fielding time.

  • Unlike other fast-turnaround research tools, there are no limits on number or type of questions or target audiences
  • Reach any U.S. healthcare segment, or combination of segments, across payors, providers, patients, etc.
  • Include any question, closed or open-ended, even skip patterns
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SHC Target Incidence Check:

SHC Target Incidence Check takes the unknowns out of the RFP process, and ensures a perfect proposal by providing FREE incidence checks prior to fielding.

  • Ask up to 3 to 5 questions to determine likely incidence
  • Results typically available within 24-48 hours
  • Allows for more accurate fieldwork planning
Full Service Data Collection:

In addition to providing access to our proprietary, global panel of healthcare professionals and physicians, SHC also offers a full suite of service offerings to support every phase of your data collection needs. From assistance with questionnaires to programming and hosting, through to final coding and tabulation, we work tirelessly to transform your questionnaire into a complex and engaging, fully-functioning survey.


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Translations /

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Data Processing

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