Experts have stated that Accountable Care Organizations, now numbering over 400, will have a major impact on the entire healthcare system including patient care provided, drugs prescribed, and medical tests performed. This will bring both opportunities and challenges for pharmaceutical companies.

Having built a Managed Care (Payer Panel) and having one of the most robust Physician and Allied Healthcare Panels in the US, we wanted to better understand the perceived impact of the ACO on purchasing decisions. To find out we profiled a portion of our Physician Panel about their understanding and activity in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).
Specifically, we wanted to understand the role of the Physician in regards to:

  • Their understanding of an Accountable Care Organization
  • Whether they are/were a member of an ACO
  • The name of the ACO they are/were associated with
  • Who makes the purchasing decisions at the ACO
  • Do they consider themselves an influencer in the purchasing decision making process
  • Their feelings about ACOs

Based on our survey and interesting to note:

  • Just over 60% of the Physicians, who responded to the survey, said they could describe an ACO
  • 17% of the Physicians we interviewed already work for an ACO
  • Over half of the respondents felt they had some influence in purchasing decisions
  • 13% said they have a specific title associated with the fact that they make purchasing decisions
  • Feelings regarding ACOs were split down the middle with 50% falling into the positive side of the scale and 50% into the negative side

Please contact us if you wish to reach Physicians who are members of ACOs and who influence and aid in purchasing decisions.