Public Health Opinion/Social Sciences

SHC Universal offers gateways into measuring national and local elections, public pulse on hot topics, and patient satisfaction with health systems

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SHC Universal works with government and

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Public Opinion / Social Science Focus

SHC Universal, A Strong Partner
We are a client-focused, operations-centered organization and work proactively with you to uncover new opportunities and build new solutions.

Leading the field
Since 2000, SHC partners with the exclusive providers of the National Election Exit Polls to collect real time polling data on US elections.

Specific Targeting
Unprecedented access to millions with unparalleled targeting capabilities.

Convergent Data Collection
SHC Universal utilizes innovative sampling tools coupled with tried and true methods to produce unparalleled results.

Multicultural Interviewing
SHC Universal has the ability to conduct projects in over 50 languages with translations and transcriptions provided by foreign born nationals.

Robust Data Reporting & Management
SHC Universal follows all AAPOR Standards, to meet required Contact, Response, and Cooperation rates on mandated studies.

Leading the field

SHC Universal works with organizations whose expertise includes:

  • National, State and Local Government
  • Local and national issues
  • Public Opinion and Social Research
  • Election Polling
  • Regulatory Policies
  • Economic and Tax Research
  • Military and Veteran Concerns
  • Education
  • Healthcare, Longterm Care and Social Security


  • Online
  • Mobile
  • Telephone

Convergent Methods

  • A large, highly experienced field staff
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Extensive experience with longitudinal and tracking studies
  • Proven capability to access diverse and hard-to-reach respondents
  • Superior training tailored to meet individual client needs