Global access to more than 2 million
healthcare professionals

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SHC Universal provides access to healthcare
payors, practitioners, professionals, and
their patients and caregivers.
All our staff hail from full-service online panel
and healthcare agencies with expertise
in all research methodologies.

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Healthcare Focus

SHC Universal, A Strong Partner
We are a client-focused, operations-centered organization and work proactively
with you to uncover new opportunities and build new solutions.

The Hub
The most rigorous sampling approach utilizing a combined method with
superior match rates.

Extended Reach
Unprecedented access to millions with unparalleled targeting

Superior Data Management
Powered by the best hardware and software solutions with global reach and
custom reporting.

Perfect Data
From start to finish, rigorous quality control is adhered to each step of the way to
ensure the most comprehensive and accurate data set

The Hub

The Hub is founded on the principle of providing superior sampling methods by combining diverse and unique sampling methodologies. This rigorous method harnesses the entire universe.

The Hub provides superior match rates on provided lists

The Hub Strengths

Provides a more representative sample, as more members of the universe are included

  • Representative sampling provides a more stable sample design for customer and tracking studies
  • Access to a bigger universe enables extensive reach to complete tough and large quotas
  • Projects conducted via web, mobile or telephone

Extended Reach

SHC Universal offers unprecedented reach to millions of members from a broad network of professionals and patients.

Global Access to Healthcare Professionals and Patients

  • Unprecedented Access: Over 2 million healthcare professionals worldwide and 500,000 sufferers/caregivers
  • Provider Coverage: Physicians, nurses, office and hospital administrators,
    executives and support personnel, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists,
    optometrists, payors/managed care administrators and executives
  • Patients, Sufferers and Caregivers: Patients in 150 key therapeutic categories
  • Locations: Offices, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies
  • Tools: In-house Web and telephone sampling, programming, translations and reporting; Web and telephone projects; TDIs; online communities; healthcare survey apps for smartphones, tablets

Network of Healthcare Specialists

  • Facility-Plus: 5,500+ hospitals and 180,000 allied HCPs in hospitals and clinics
  • Animal Care-Plus: 11,000+ registered veterinarians and 29,000 support staff
  • Oral Health-Plus: 100,000+ Oral Healthcare Professionals and support staff
  • Pharmacy-Plus: 75,000+ pharmacists and pharmacy personnel
  • Managed Care-Plus: 800 managed care and payor system organizations
  • Physicians-Plus: 400,000+ PCP’s, specialists and 800,000+ support staff

Data Management

Best hardware and software solutions with the ability to program and host projects in any language for deployment to any country in the world.

  • Multiple questionnaire programming options including Survox (CfMC), SPSS, Kinesis, Confirmit, Sawtooth
  • Data Processing
  • Coding
  • Data Delivery
  • Custom Reporting

Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality control processes at every stage of the project—starting with the questionnaire program and finishing with a full assessment of the data set.

  • Checking during programming, including manual checking of programs and
    Random Data Generation
  • Blurry Box to ensure actual respondent
  • Verify respondent ID’s through matching & validation
  • Real Time Automated Checks
  • Back End Checks