Customer Satisfaction

It costs more to find a new customer
than to keep an existing one.

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Whether you are helping to improve customer
relations or identify service, price or quality
concerns, SHC Universal provides an easy and
convenient platform for your customers to share
their opinions.

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Customer Satisfaction Focus

SHC Universal, A Strong Partner
We are a client-focused, operations-centered organization and work proactively
with you to uncover new opportunities and build new solutions.

Customer Satisfaction Solutions
SHC Universal leverages multiple methods to maximize reach to your customers
enabling them to provide feedback in their preferred method.

Targeted Reach
Proprietary access to quality respondents for quantitative and in-
depth qualitative research.

Superior Data Management
Powered by the best hardware and software solutions with global reach and
custom reporting.

Multicultural Interviewing
SHC Universal has the ability to conduct projects in over 50 languages with
translations and transcriptions provided by foreign born nationals.

Perfect Data
From start to finish, rigorous quality control is adhered to each step of the way to
ensure the most comprehensive and accurate data set.

Targeted Gateways

SHC Universal’s proprietary access provides researchers fast access to quality respondents for quantitative and in-depth qualitative research. Members are profiled by 120 data points covering lifestyles, technology usage, family composition, and state-of-health. Members are also profiled by profession, including industry, title and job responsibility.

Perfect Data

SHC Universal employees rigorous quality control processes at every stage of the project, starting with the questionnaire program and finishing with a full assessment of the data set, ensuring the result is nothing less than perfect data.

  • QA checking during programming, including manual checking and Random Data Generation
  • Blurry Box to ensure live real respondents
  • Verify respondent ID’s through fingerprinting, matching and validation
  • Real Time Automated Checks including time tests and validation questions
  • Back end checks including closed and open end data review, name/address validation questions
  • Central web based Quality Control management tool for hiring, training, attendance, payroll, shift scheduling, and setup
  • Production management
  • Quality administration of monitoring and validation processes
  • Real-time reporting

Superior Data Management

Best hardware and software solutions with the ability to program and host projects in any language for deployment to any country in the world.

  • Multiple questionnaire programming
    options including Survox(CfMC), SPSS,
    Kinesis, Confirmit, Sawtooth
  • Data Processing
  • Coding
  • Data Delivery
  • Custom Reporting

Industry Expertise Powered by a Full Suite of Solutions.

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